About Me

My name is Sam Thomson. I was born on the 22nd of October, 2004. I am a European New Zealander, with hints of Scottish, Australian and even a sliver of Irish. I was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and have lived in Wellington for most of my life. I currently reside in Tawa, a suburb in Wellington.

Currently, I take part in many things inside Tawa College, and a few things outside. I am in the Blue Notes choir, an auditioned choir that won gold in 2019. I am also in Dawn Chorus, Tawa College's allcomer's choir, and Acafellas, Tawa College's barbershop chorus. I also take part in Percussion Group, Tawa College's percussion group(no surprises here). I also take both drum lessons and singing lessons, run by the school.

Software and Programming Skills

I have done a few things in the field of programming, which include, but are not limited to, coding in Python, creating LEGO Mindstorms robots and, of course, creating this website.
If you have any queries please email me at